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I've only not been posting because not much has been happening. Most of my friends have gone to university this weekend. Obviously some aren't going, and a few went last week or go next week - like me. I'm sure I've mentioned that I happen to be going to Warwick to do the same course as two of my friends from school, Dan and Warren. We did manage to get into different halls of residence though, although Warren's is quite close to mine (and Dan did apply to the smae one as me, but Warwick lost his application and he ended up in Westwood- the catered halls off th main campus). So we won't be like Joe and Richard who are both going to Bangor and have rooms on the same floor of the same hall (five doors from each other!) as well as having bought identical laptops and a couple of very similar T-shirts to each other (much to Richard's annoyance, as he keeps reminding Joe they must say they 'went to the same school' rather than 'went to school together' because it 'sounds less gay'). That said, Dan and I have exactly the same model of guitar so I'm in no place to poke fun.

I bought all my kitchen stuff from Woolies in Wolverhampton yesterday (apart from a knife, for some reason there had been a rush on knives and they were out of stock, which is a bit worrying, but since there was no bloodbath after the Wolves got thrashed 5-0 at home yesterday, I'll assume they are not in the hand sof those who'd misuse them). I'm a bit worried about fitting everything in our car, its a Fiat Punto which may be the biggest of the small cars, but that still make it a small car. I think we'll just about squeeze everything in (along with my sister, who want's to come down when I go) and hopefully it won't come to having to pack some items *inside* my computer case.
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