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... Eight weeks on

I have been inspired to post again thanks to around a dozen replies to my own comment on the first post due to it being linked to from news. If I ever catch up with myself it will make this a lot easier, I just have so much to write each time I come to update it makes it quite off putting. The matter is not as bad this time though due to a relatively uneventful period since the last post due to a phenomena I was previously unaware but which is apparently quite widely known as 'second term syndrome'.

That's not to say nothing has happened, in fact there are more than enough events worthy of mention to keep me typing for a while.

First things first, the rather nasty exam I had on the first day back went reasonably well. I raced through Foundations (note: doing an exam fast is not necessarily a good thing) then tackled Analysis very competently I thought until the final question where I was stumped for quite some time. I eventually managed to prove the thing I was trying to through only the very slightest of dodgy steps but since the question said 'show that' rather than 'prove that' I felt it was acceptable. Evidently it was as I received a very acceptable 91% for the Analysis exam, but my marks were not entirely unrelated to the time spent on each section as for Foundations I got a perfectly respectable but not-as-good-as-it-should-have been (by which I mean not as good as most of my friends, who are generally pretty clever) 76%.

That nastiness out of the way brings me to the much more protracted background unpleasantness of the Accommodation Situation - which I can assure you is more than horrible enough to merit that capitalization. The problem is that we have to sort out who we want to live with after only knowing each other for only ten weeks. Between the two corridors there are many social circles all interlinked in a convoluted many leading you to decide you either want to live with two other people or with twenty as the inclusion of one person leads to the inclusion of another etc... I won't go into the gory details because frankly I don't want to relive them, but after many meetings and conversations in which people disagreed about what was said in other meetings, got angry or offended or upset we ended up with two groups of seven. Pleased to find any solution that no-one was unhappy with (not that everyone was entirely happy with it, but that would have been impossible) we neglected the minor detail that we would now be competing in a fairly limited market for houses of the same size. There are very few seven bedroom student houses in the Coventry-Leamington area. However (and once again I won't bore you with the details), after just missing out on a couple of nice places, going to look at some not-so-nice places, and doing actually surprising little work - a perfect house dropped into our lap. One of our group had subscribed to an estate agent's mailing list and a house appeared which we reserved (after much panicking and a poorly constructed web site leading us to believe for about an hour that we'd lost the opportunity to reserve the house).
I cannot explain to you how good this house is, and unfortunately the photos cannot do it justice but it is amazing. It's recently renovated (the kitchen is better than mine at home!) and we'll be the first students to occupy it. Unfortunately photos don't do the inside justice (all the rooms look small and dark), but I do have some good ones of the outside (one here). The only drawback of the house (apart from a lengthy bus ride into uni) is that, as with many student homes, one of the rooms is significantly smaller than the others. It is not an unreasonably tiny box-room and is in fact perfectly acceptable but all the other rooms are much bigger. We'll either be offering to reduce the rent (to be absorbed by the other six occupants) until someone is tempted to take it or drawing lots :-S, but we have yet to tackle this potentially sticky situation.
Oh, the other group of seven ended up having to split up into two houses and are living in Coventry, 10 miles from us. On the plus side another group of our friends (four people who decided to live together very early on thus saving themselves a whole lot of hassle) are living about a minute and a half's walk down the road from us.

The only other things that spring to mind to mention (and I know I'm forgetting some stuff) are table football and eBay.

I briefly mentioned our football table last term, and how it was in need of repair. After buying new rods for it, it became something of a full time hobby for myself and Phil this term. We also joined the Warwick Table Football Society (which only came into existence last term) and after much more practice (sometimes at stupid hours of the morning when we should have been sleeping or at least working) we entered the society's doubles tournament which sponsored by the unimaginatively (or maybe just pretentiously) named 'the bar' in which it took place had a grand prize of a PlayStation 2. Fully intending to sell the PS2 on eBay to fund the purchase of a 'proper' football table of our own and not even slightly expecting to win it we amazed ourselves (and indeed, others) by raising our game immensely in the semi-final to beat the team of our resident table football expert (a post grad from Oxford, where there is a huge table football 'scene'). Fate only carried us so far that day though as we finally bowed out after a nail-biting final which came down to an intense decider game (it was best of five). Nevertheless, we we're very proud of how we did and as we lifted our somewhat random runners-up prize of an large pink box of a pink vodka drink.
Oh, one final thing, by a slightly bewildering series of events I am now secretary of the Table Football Society, and Phil is the new Events Co-ordinator.

So eBay then. Thanks to the wondrous tool we are now the proud owners of this football table. Well nearly, purchasign it without thinking how we we're going to get it down to us, it has reached as far as Liverpool where my sister (who was kind enough to take delivery of it) lives. It is apparently larger than she imagined (or rather - than I let on) and she is saying we may have to hire a van to get it as far as Warwick.

My love affair with eBay goes further though, I am now the proud owner of a Dreamcast and am building what I believe to be the ultimate collection of games for this console. I also have quite an industry going being charged with the task of emptying our loft, as well as selling a lot of my own stuff I don't want/need anymore. (Please feel free to see my eBay auction history, my userID is at the top of the page for the football table linked to above).

Ah, one other thing to mention. I took part in setting the record for the world's largest pillow fight... twice. As well as being thoroughly good fun (and thoroughly good excercise) it also turned out to be a patriotic act. Our impressive total 967 smashed the existing record by a few hundred, though some posh private-college in America spent $1700 (ours cost 15 quid) to edge ahead of us. We got them back though, reaching an amazing 1308. Duke are now well out of the running (we simply outnumber them student-wise) though if other universities join the competition we could be in trouble (if the Manchester unis get involved we're in trouble). Note: Pillow fighting is great fun but being hit in the face or other vital areas is not - both of these happened to me a few times but not enough to dampen my enthusiasm for what I confidently predict will be the sport of choice in the new century!

On that note of foolishness I leave you for hopefully a much shorter time than the last break.
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