Harry (just_a_man) wrote,

Hello all

Another academic year over, and a fine time to start this old thing going again. I'll be leaving this place (Leamington) in a few days to spend the summer at Mum's (which is now in Stratford). I managed to get a first again this year, but by not nearly as great a margin as I did in the first year (1st year ~87%, 2nd year ~75%), and I almost failed one of my modules :S. It looks like I'm going to have to actually start working next year, though the second year is supposed to be the hardest (due to the sheer quantity of material we covered). Given that I can apparently do Mathematics and Physics, I intend to spend this summer trying to find out what I can't do - I hope to fail. I will be exploring various literary and musical pursuits, hopefully at least some of them will be fruitful.

How are you all? Hope everyone's well, and anyone else getting results got what they wanted.

- Signing off (but not for long).
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