the fool on the hill's journal

25 April
My first journal - prawn (21508) - documented the last few years of my childhood (as defined by the law, and to some extent, by my emotional development). This journal begins just after I my eighteenth birthday and just before I start university. For more information see my previous journal (prawn, which may still be friends only I'm afraid) and the first post of this one.

I'm currently a first second year student at The University of Warwick studying Mathematics and Physics. I play guitar, far too much table football, have a great intuition for making anything technological or computer-related work and even do what I want it to, have a superhuman capacity for sleep deprivation without the aid of caffeine/red bull/pro plus, am on a mission to watch every episode of every good comedy TV show ever made by the U.K. or America, and always write sentences that are far too long.

I live in something that looks a bit like this (work in progress):

(Only higher resolution and considerably more cluttered).